Scavengers of the Carbon Waste

"'Blast you woman, come now or stay here and see if they really mean to crush us all!' He grabbed her by the collar and yanked her to her feet. The action was unnecessary since Margaret was already awake and quite aware of the danger he had been rigorously trying to point out. She looked at the coming destruction, gripped her canvas bag tightly, and took off toward the nearest door at a full run."

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Unlike the story's other heroes, circumstance and people drive Margaret reluctantly forward until she is forced to adopt an entirely new strategy for survival. Misperception and fate place her in the company of a man she refers to as "the doctor" for no other reason than he happens to be wearing a lab coat. But whether the doctor can help or not, it's her own fierce determination and unwillingness to compromise that will ultimately decide and dictate her life in the dark shadows of the carbon waste.